Why You Should Drink Tea After Yoga

Both tea and yoga are great for your health, so it is no wonder that they go hand in hand. In fact, many yoga instructors serve tea after their classes. Drinking tea after performing yoga poses (asanas) gives students a way to slowly go from the peaceful experience back into the real world. I will offer insight as to why tea and yoga are beneficial to your health and what type of tea makes a great ending to a rejuvenating or relaxing workout.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga offers so many benefits, it is almost impossible to name them all. The following are some of the ways that yoga is a healthy form of exercise:

-It helps circulation.

-It helps to alleviate stress.

-Yoga lowers the chances of one obtaining heart disease.

-Regularly participating in yoga can ward off depression.

-Since yoga makes the spine stronger and more flexible, it helps to thwart back pain.

-When performing inversion poses, such as head and shoulder stands, we age more gracefully since these poses offer anti-aging benefits.

-Yoga helps women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause.

-It helps decrease respiratory symptoms, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Benefits of tea

The following types of teas contain antioxidants:





These teas contain caffeine, but it acts differently than the caffeine found in coffee. Tea provides you with a slow release of energy rather than the instant burst you get from coffee. Teas that contain caffeine can provide both a revitalizing and relaxed feeling at the same time.

Because these teas have antioxidants in them they may decrease the risk of one obtaining the following diseases:

-Heart disease

-Cancer: White teas may guard one from getting colon cancer.

-Arthritis: Green tea may reduce inflammation that is connected to arthritis.

-Memory: A study showed a connection between regular tea consumption and good memory.

Types of tea to drink after yoga

What type of tea you drink will depend upon the time of day. Awakening teas are optimal choices for the morning, and relaxing tea blends are excellent for the evening.

Morning tea choices

-Yogi tea: Start with a black tea as the base and add black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Using natural honey and milk to sweeten this tea is a supreme choice.

-Green tea

-Chai tea

-Ginger tea

-Lemon Zinger

Evening tea selections

-Chamomile tea

-Mint (peppermint, spearmint or a blend) tea


Do two superb things for your body, soul and mind by performing yoga and drinking tea afterwards.

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Rebecca completed courses in Medical Terminology, Administrative Medical Assisting, and Coding and Billing. She is recognized by the National Healthcareer Association as a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) and Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA). In addition, Rebecca is a former gymnast and is avid about yoga, swimming and other athletic activities. Follow her on Twitter @RebeccaBardelli.

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